KudoZ™ translation help network

KudoZ™ provides ProZ.com users a way to offer each other, and guests, free assistance in translating tough terms.

Difficulty translating a tough term? Post a KudoZ question

For help translating a term or short phrase, post a KudoZ question and provide the context, desired target language, and other optional information. After posting your question, ProZ.com users will then suggest translations with explanations, and sometimes references.

Wait for responses, choose most useful answer

After enough response have come in, the most useful answer can then be chosen. The person who submitted the chosen answer is then awarded some KudoZ points. KudoZ points are a main criterion for sorting translators and interpreters in the directory.

Question and chosen answer are archived

The question and suggested translation are saved and from then on are available to anyone else.

KudoZ™ translation help
Het KudoZ-netwerk biedt een structuur aan vertalers en anderen om te helpen bij de vertaling en verklaring van termen en korte zinnen.

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