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Déjà Vu support DVX3 Activation - Urgent help ghost ship For some reason, it always takes Atril support
around a day (or two) to respond. This can be very
annoying if you need them fast. Especially when it
concerns licensing issues. I moved to o
Michael Beijer Mar 26
SDL Trados support How do I prevent the Generating preview to activate for each segment I confirm? try this [quote]Fredrik Pettersson wrote: I'm working
with a large MTPE project using SDL GroupShare
with around seven TMs. For some reason, I get the
Generating preview displayed furthest down
Michael Beijer Mar 11
CafeTran support Déjà Vu's Lexicon is called Project Glossary in CafeTran Espresso a lot of Déjà Vu’s DeepMiner functionality is already available in CafeTran (under different nam [quote]Denis Danchenko wrote: [quote]Hans
Lenting wrote: Thanks for your postings, but
due to lack of knowledge of the target language I
cannot verify how CT would handle this.
Michael Beijer Mar 8
Translator resources New laptop advice indeed, it is near perfect [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: [quote]Adieu
wrote: I, for one, utterly detest keyboards with
number pads. [/quote] You are the first person
I've met that has that opinion (-: Most of m
Michael Beijer Feb 19
Translator resources New laptop advice ‘Two Mice and Touchpad’, by Michael Beijer [quote]Hans Lenting wrote: [quote]Michael
Beijer wrote: This is what my current Dell
Precision 7740 looks like: [/quote] So
you're no longer a fan of the fan-less
Michael Beijer Feb 19
Translator resources New laptop advice some suggestions Here are my minimum specs these days: • RAM:
16Gb or more • Only SSDs (no old mechanical
hard drives!) • Processor: i7 (maybe i5, no i3
or lower) • Screen resolution: Be care
Michael Beijer Feb 19
Machine Translation (MT) QTranslate Mac alternatives Highly recommended: GT4T [quote]Elena Feriani wrote: Hi all, I've tried
QTranslate on Windows and I was wondering if there
is any alternative for Mac that translates a
selected text automatically with Deepl us
Michael Beijer Feb 18
Off topic Resuscitation of 20 years old threads is disturbing interest piqued Wow, you've really piqued my interest. Care to
point me in the right direction so I can see what
you guys are talking about? Michael
Michael Beijer Feb 16
Dutch Nuffic Glossary of higher education nearing launch added a copyright notice to the top of the page [quote]Chris Hopley wrote: Hi Michael, Nice
to see that you have added the frozen Nuffic
Glossary to beijerpedia. In my further
correspondence with Nuffic about the defunct
Michael Beijer Feb 16 job systems How to respond to Connect message? ha ha, was wondering exact same thing today! I found my messages at:
(you might need to adjust the end of the URL) I
think the start page (for Connect messages) is @
Michael Beijer Feb 13
KudoZ What constitutes misuse of the Kudos feature? Great, thanks for the update! 🐘💣 [quote]matt robinson wrote: Don't worry, she
was blocked late Dec or early Jan.
[/quote] 🐘💣🐘💣🐘💣🐘💣🐘
Michael Beijer Feb 8
KudoZ What constitutes misuse of the Kudos feature? I just reported her to Support Just had a closer look, and all her questions are
patently bogus. Amazing this wasn't spotted
sooner. All her so-called ‘questions’ need to
be removed and she needs to be blocked. I'm
Michael Beijer Feb 8
KudoZ What constitutes misuse of the Kudos feature? delete this crap! not real questions, just a way to get conspiracy crap indexed by Google [quote]philgoddard wrote: I'm a KudoZ editor,
so I can delete questions, but I never noticed one
of the reasons was "Unprofessional; lacks
literary/technical merit." Thanks for pointing
Michael Beijer Feb 8
Dutch Nuffic Glossary of higher education nearing launch final version (as Excel file) available from NUFFIC Hi guys, Forgot to mention here that I emailed
them a while back and they sent me the last
version as an Excel file. I wrote an ‘article’
about it
Michael Beijer Feb 6
Translator resources Looking for a copy of ATA's "Patent Translator's Handbook" wouldn't mind a copy of that myself! (even though it is quite old by now) Michael Michael Beijer Feb 2
General technical issues Hi, I used Acrobat Reader in order to read / write PDF files... I think you have been misinformed First of all, I'm pretty sure that Acrobat Reader
is not being discontinued anytime soon. Where did
you hear that? Second of all, WinZip is a
completely different type of program. It's
Michael Beijer Feb 1
MemoQ support Importing csv with for Chinese ~ ~

[Edited at 2021-01-28 14:22 GMT]
Michael Beijer Jan 28
Safe computing Has anyone been using Bitdefender Antivirus? BitDefender Total Security+ Malwarebytes = a solid combo I have been happily using BitDefender Total
Security for several years now. I always use it in
combination with Malwarebytes
( Michael
Michael Beijer Jan 27
Translation in the UK GDPR after Brexit ha ha [quote]Chris S wrote: [quote]Tom in London
wrote: BTW where did you get the clear plastic
envelope (to contain the triplicate forms, without
which your parcel would not have been acc
Michael Beijer Jan 22
Translation in the UK GDPR after Brexit Leaving the EU was one of the dumbest things the UK has ever done I'm afraid this is just the beginning. I've
already come across quite a few things that have
now become more complicated, expensive and
annoying since the UK left the EU. For example,
Michael Beijer Jan 19
CafeTran support Déjà Vu's Lexicon is called Project Glossary in CafeTran Espresso memoQ’s version of Déjà Vu’s great ‘Lexicon’ feature Hi Hans, Some other CAT tools now also have
features similar to Déjà Vu's great Lexicon.
memoQ, e.g., allows you to assign rankings to
termbases (higher or lower). You can also se
Michael Beijer Jan 14
Software applications Good project management tools for freelancers I also maintain a list: I also maintain a list on my website @
Michael Beijer Jan 13
General technical issues How to install Olifant link to working version [quote]Michael Beijer wrote: [quote]Daniel Hug
wrote: Hi there, I am trying to install the
latest version of Olifant (Release 00022), but it
requests an ancient version of .NET Fr
Michael Beijer Jan 10
CAT Tools Technical Help Most keyboard-friendly CAT tool? try Ctrl+Tab! [quote]Dan Lucas wrote: [quote]Jean Dimitriadis
wrote: How keyboard-friendly is your preferred
CAT tool?[/quote] One thing that I find annoying
about Studio 2019 is that - as far as I
Michael Beijer Jan 10
Business issues Looking for recommendations of a web hosting company I use Namecheap I've been very happy with Namecheap
( ) (since I left
GoDaddy a few years ago). They aren't exactly a
small company, but the support has been excellent,
and t
Michael Beijer Jan 6
Translator resources tmx from Parallel corpus of Patent Translation Resource? yup! [quote]Daniel James Holt wrote: Dear OP, I
just stumbled across this thread whilst doing some
research on Cafetran and am curious to know
whether your extensive database is still
Michael Beijer Jan 6
Translation in the UK Invoicing EU with new Brexit deal Thanks, very informative! [quote]Julia Burgess wrote: Stumbled across
this recently & found it very
Michael Beijer Jan 1
MemoQ support How to change types of quotation marks? Thanks! [quote]Philipp Reinhold wrote: Just edit the
smart quotes settings file SmartQuotes.xml (mine
was in
C:UsersPhilippAppDataRoamingMemoQAutoCorrect. The
"AppData" folder is usually hi
Michael Beijer Dec 30, 2020
Software applications A client management platform for you translators curious Hi Niccolo, I currently use SDL Trados Business
Manager (formerly
-manager/ ), and am quite happy with it, but I'd
like to give yo
Michael Beijer Dec 20, 2020
CAT Tools Technical Help Terminology management tool here's a list ;-) Terminology software: Acrolinx IQ Terminology
Manager / Acrolinx
IQ AddDict AnyLexic Congree crossTerm /
Across Déjà Vu Dictionary Editor / Heartsome
Translation Studio docut
Michael Beijer Dec 16, 2020
Software applications An application to translate the hightlighted text using google translate api GT4T! I highly recommend
GT4T! There really is
nothing like it available at the moment. It does
everything QTranslate does (but better), and way
more. Michael #
Michael Beijer Dec 6, 2020
MemoQ support MyMemory results in Concordance I don't think so [quote]Spiros Doikas wrote: Is pretranslate
with mymemory possible? [/quote] I think you
may be able to do it via a workaround, by using
MateCat ( ). You
Michael Beijer Dec 4, 2020
MemoQ support MyMemory results in Concordance I've never gotten that to work [quote]Spiros Doikas wrote: Although I have
checked the Consult TM plugins in concordance
searches check box I do not get any results
(English to Greek) in concordance; I do get TM
Michael Beijer Dec 4, 2020
Office applications Searching through multiple Excel files or batch converting Excel files to text or HTML what format are the xls files in? [quote]Jean-Christophe Duc wrote: Hi, does
anyone know of a reliable way to search through a
series of xls files or converting them to some
other format to search them with a text sear
Michael Beijer Nov 11, 2020
Office applications Searching through multiple Excel files or batch converting Excel files to text or HTML check with Xbench support [quote]Jean-Christophe Duc wrote: yes and no,
it can go through some Excel files, but not all of
them, so the results are often
incomplete/unreliable. [/quote] You might want
Michael Beijer Nov 11, 2020
Office applications Searching through multiple Excel files or batch converting Excel files to text or HTML TMLookup (freeware) Another great tool is …
which can also import XLS. If you haven't tried
it, I highly recommend you do (if you are on
Windows of course). I
Michael Beijer Nov 11, 2020
Office applications Searching through multiple Excel files or batch converting Excel files to text or HTML Xbench? Xbench can do it easily: both search and convert
them. You'd need to convert those .xls files
to .xlsx! They can then be imported into a project
via Project > Properties, via 'Tab-deli
Michael Beijer Nov 11, 2020
Speech recognition Dictation: Your advice, please newer versions of Dragon work better with desktop mics than previously [quote]Chris S wrote: I don’t think Dragon
has improved its accuracy notably over the years.
It definitely needs less training now, but it’s
always been 99.999% accurate for me as l
Michael Beijer Oct 24, 2020
MemoQ support PSA for those using MemoQ with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (as far as I know, Proz allows such links) Here's the link:
ew.cfm?catid=4&threadid=34838#182502 I've been
testing it for a few days now, and apart from the
annoying tray ic
Michael Beijer Oct 22, 2020
Dutch Nuffic Glossary of higher education nearing launch The Nuffic Glossary is no longer online (in 2020) :-( Wow, your post is 17 years old! Anyway, just went
looking for it, and it's gone! Any idea where it
went? Hope it's just temporary. Michael
Michael Beijer Oct 14, 2020
Off topic Completely frivolous thread great idea! I once painted a portrait of my dog, Melville.
Here it is: Michael
Michael Beijer Oct 7, 2020
CafeTran support The CafeTran Curse
Michael Beijer Sep 29, 2020
OmegaT support Team Projects - syncing`tm` and `dictionary` folders - is it possible or can it be implemented? possibly relevant/useful (‘Teambase’, developed by the ‘DGT-OmegaT’ project) see: ‘Teambase T
eambase is an alternative way to share work in
real time between OmegaT users, using a SQL
database as in intermediate. The main
Michael Beijer Jul 18, 2020
Marketing for translators Has anyone here tried Simpli? TO3000? anyone have any more info on Simpli? [quote]Sylvia Avila Cacho wrote: I came across
Simpli the other day and I was curious if anyone
here had tried it? It
bills itself as a Marketing and CRM syst
Michael Beijer Jul 12, 2020
Software applications Looking for an alternative to ApSIC Xbench AIT’s AceProof? Never use it, and I can’t say I am particularly
enamoured of AIT (who also make TO3000, AnyCount,
etc.), but you might have a look at: Michael =
Michael Beijer Jul 8, 2020
Wordfast support Is there a way to exclude chunks of text in Wordfast Pro 5? TransTools: "Hide / Unhide Text" tool try this:
e-unhide Michael
Michael Beijer Jul 7, 2020
MemoQ support mqxlz viewer Very interesting tool, thanks for the tip guys! [quote]Samuel Murray wrote: [quote]Claudio
Porcellana wrote: it's called disfr 0.4.0 ... the
developer, Alissa Sabre. [/quote] Also here: https:/
Michael Beijer Jul 4, 2020
MemoQ support PSA for those using MemoQ with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Speech Productivity (a better dictation box for Dragon) Btw, for a MUCH BETTER dictation box, try this: Michael
Michael Beijer Jul 2, 2020
CafeTran support Wikipedia page sorry, couldn't resist
Michael Beijer Jun 15, 2020
CafeTran support Wikipedia page on and on it goes... see:
_2020_review_of_submission_by_Michaelbeijer >
[Edited at 2020-05-25
Michael Beijer May 25, 2020


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