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Tijd Talencombinatie
12:25 English to French
a larger SAP push Thierry37 -
12:22 ^ that it is leaving behind the customer system of record approach Thierry37 -
12:21 German to Polish
Law: Contract(s)
Gebührenanzeige anetaw -
12:14 Dutch to Polish
Finance (general)
invorderingsmaatregelen piotr_001 2
12:13 English to Arabic
Textiles / Clothi...
thermo-plastic support Ivonne G -
12:06 English to Turkish
Mechanics / Mech ...
Upsetting Drain Sami Yılmazer -
12:00 German to French
oberflächenleitfähiger Kleber Carine35 -
11:56 German to Polish
Law: Contract(s)
über den Tod der Vertragsparteien hinaus anetaw 1
11:52 English to French
placed the announcement and demo Thierry37 -
11:50 English to Ukrainian
Medical (general)
with full provenance Yuri Larin 2
11:43 Italian to English
Engineering (gene...
Niet-PRO: Ostruzione Katia Pagani 1
11:41 English to Dutch
Automotive / Cars...
memory saver detector Willemijn Biemond -
11:41 English to Romanian
Social Science, S...
Court bundle John Farebrother -
11:37 ^ Joint and sole carers John Farebrother -
11:34 Swedish to English
Law (general)
konsortiet Helena Grahn 1
11:27 French to English
General / Convers...
Niet-PRO: ça gueulait Grifone 2
11:24 Croatian to English
Education / Pedag...
Niet-PRO: Sat razrednika zekozna -
11:23 English to Bulgarian
Textiles / Clothi...
Enjoy them etale 2
11:00 French to English
Law (general)
un acte opérant obligation ou décharge smhewitt 1
10:55 English to French
third party allocation of new shares Gaël Montreuil 1
10:53 Hebrew to English
Textiles / Clothi...
תיקתקים Daniel Rabinovich 1
10:49 French to English
General / Convers...
Niet-PRO: m’empresse d’y répondre pooja_chic 2
10:43 German to Russian
Erfassungssoftware Olena Großmann 3
10:26 Swedish to English
natten mot julafton SafeTex 2
10:20 English to Polish
Law: Contract(s)
visibility cone igandor 1
10:07 English to French
capital tie-up Gaël Montreuil 1
10:07 English to Romanian
Social Science, S...
Community Based Assessment Service John Farebrother 1
10:05 Portuguese to French
ara segura Manuela Domingues -
10:05 Russian to English
единый код общественной кредитоспособности Andrew Vdovin 1
10:04 German to Polish
Construction / Ci...
Ausräumen Leopold Laskowski -
10:03 English to Portuguese
Idioms / Maxims /...
\"Before you can say Jack Robinson\" expressisverbis 2
10:00 English to French
Military / Defens...
conducting officer aiedail 2
09:59 English to Italian
funds in excess of the invoiced fees Cinzia Marcelli 1
09:57 Spanish to English
por contrapartida darrenthomps 1
09:50 English to Romanian
Automotive / Cars...
damage code Monica Vlad 1
09:48 English to Ukrainian
Medical (general)
community pharmacists Yuri Larin 3
09:37 French to Russian
se découvre lors du passage Vertrad 2
09:36 ^ ouvre le jardin Vertrad 1
09:27 French to Russian
s’offre au regard Vertrad 1
09:22 French to English
Cooking / Culinar...
Niet-PRO: roulé au torchon Louisa T. 1
09:21 English to Bengali
Advertising / Pub...
The missing sailor was a little TOO into swabbing the deck. I think he went over chatterjee88 1
09:20 Polish to German
Law (general)
Rueckstehungserklaerung szatanik 1
09:18 French to Spanish
Law (general)
Extrait des minutes du greffe du Tribunal de... esteban cuellar 2
09:16 English to German
Law: Patents, Tra...
to recitfy IP rights Eva Leitner 1
09:16 German to Greek
Engineering: Indu...
Spannungsrissprüfung daira 1
09:14 French to Spanish
Law (general)
Chambre correctionnelle collégiale esteban cuellar 1
09:09 Polish to German
Law (general)
Respirofrist szatanik 1
09:06 Spanish to German
mantener las utilidades en cuenta Sabine Reichert -
09:05 Italian to English
Mechanics / Mech ...
rilevabile Paola 2
09:04 German to Italian
IT (Information T...
Tastenprellen Danila Moro 1
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