translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators.

Current and previous contests

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25th translation contest: "Alien first impressions"Hybrid phase
Language pairs83
Contest logo
Inspired by poetry: "Ploughing mountainsides"Finished
Language pairs55
Contest logo
Mox presents: "The comic life of a translator"Finished
Language pairs71
Contest logo
Bon voyage: "Stories about travel"Finished
Language pairs77
Contest logo
21st translation contest: "The tides of tech"Finished
Language pairs64
Contest logo
Strange urgency: "The cat"Finished
Language pairs11
Contest logo
Benevolent deception: "The placebo button effect"Finished
Language pairs57
Contest logo
Translation mash-up: "Dust Bowl"Finished
Language pairs42
Contest logo
Homo-digital: "La sociedad transparente"Finished
Language pairs23
Contest logo
17th Translation Contest: "The Sounds of Silence"Finished
Language pairs77
Contest logo
2014 annual translation contest: "Celebrations"Finished
Language pairs222
Contest logo
Exploring the desert: "The Doomed City"Finished
Language pairs18
Contest logo
Sin telaraña en las pupilas: "Frases de Oliverio Girondo"Finished
Language pairs20
Contest logo
Poetry with a tune: "Translation of Lyrics"Finished
Language pairs38
Contest logo
11th translation contest: "Contemporary society"Finished
Language pairs93
Contest logo
Mini-contest 2012: "Yogi Berra Quotes"Finished
Language pairs64
Contest logo
9th Translation Contest: "Business"Finished
Language pairs141
Contest logo
1st Annual Translation Contest: "Awakening"Finished
Language pairs120
Contest logo
7th Translation Contest: "Sports"Finished
Language pairs107
Contest logo
6th Translation Contest: "Relationships"Finished
Language pairs98
Contest logo
5th Translation Contest: "Travel"Finished
Language pairs67
Contest logo
Fourth Translation Contest: "Raising children"Finished
Language pairs82
Contest logo
Third Translation ContestFinished
Language pairs49
Contest logo
Second Translation Contest 2007Finished
Language pairs33
Contest logo
First Translation Contest 2007: "First Translation Contest 2007"Finished
Language pairs18

Recent discussion about translation contests

Impractical layout for rating translationsOpening the contest page in two separate browser windows could be an option

Hello Victoria,
Opening the contest page in two separate browser windows — and aligning them side by side — could make things easier. If your display size allows doing so, of course.

[Edited at 2020-11-28 16:50 GMT]
Ekaterina Veremyanina
Ekaterina Veremyanina
Russian Federation
Impractical layout for rating translations

I went to the latest contest eager to have a look at the entries and soon remembered that the reason I haven't got involved much in the past is frustration at not having the source text alongside the translation and having to scroll back to the top of the page every 30 seconds. I would suggest either presenting each translation next to the source or (better still) having a button to click - for example, on the same line as the entry number and language - which would display the source as a pop-up.

[Edited at 2020-11-27 12:05 GMT]
"Alien first impressions" has moved to hybrid phase

Hi, all!

I'm happy to let you know that the translation contest
"Alien first impressions" is now on hybrid phase.

The following language pairs were placed in "extended submission" in order to receive enough entries and move to the following phase:

English to Armenian
English to Azerbaijani
English to Belarusian
English to Dutch
English to Macedonian
English to Malayalam
Spanish to Greek
Spanish to Hungarian
Spanish to Indonesian
Spanish to Polish
French to Portuguese (EU)
French to Swedish
English to Greek
English to Georgian
English to Gujarati
English to Igbo
English to Norwegian
English to Panjabi
English to Swahili
English to Thai
Spanish to Czech
Spanish to Chinese
Spanish to Italian
Spanish to Turkish
French to Bulgarian
French to Catalan
French to Greek
French to Polish
French to Swahili

These pairs were placed in "qualification", and you can rate the entries submitted here to select finalists:

English to Spanish
English to Italian
French to English
Spanish to English
English to French
English to Portuguese (BR)
English to German
Spanish to Portuguese (BR)
English to Chinese
English to Malay
English to Russian
English to Serbian
English to Croatian
French to Spanish
French to Italian
English to Arabic
English to Korean
English to Portuguese (EU)
Spanish to Portuguese (EU)
English to Catalan
English to Persian (Farsi)
English to Ukrainian

Last but not least, these language pairs were placed on "finals", and you can vote to select the winner:

English to Hebrew
French to German
French to Portuguese (BR)
English to Albanian
English to Polish
French to Dutch
French to Russian
English to Czech
English to Hungarian
English to Swedish
Spanish to Arabic
Spanish to French
Spanish to Russian
French to Arabic
English to Amharic
English to Hindi
English to Japanese
English to Slovak
English to Turkish
English to Vietnamese
Spanish to German
Spanish to Romanian
French to Croatian
French to Romanian
English to Bulgarian
English to Finnish
English to Bosnian
English to Romanian
English to Slovenian
English to Somali
English to Urdu
Spanish to Catalan
French to Serbian
French to Hungarian

Happy translating,

New translation contest: "Alien first impressions" I agree the voting system is not the best

Lingua 5B wrote:

If this is recreational exercise, it's fine. If it's not, I'm concerned about voting methodology. It appears contestants can either vote for themselves or ask friends to vote for them. Very questionable practice, unless I misunderstood something.

You can't vote for your own entry, anyone with a Proz account can vote for you. But there is also another issue with the system.
Last time, 14 people submitted an entry in the English-Italian poetry translation contest. My colleague and I made it to the final stage with our joint effort, we waited for the results for months, and nobody won in the end because there were not enough voters. The entry of the person that got the most votes was very good in my opinion and deserved some recognition.
As a certified pro member, I would happily volunteer to be part of a team of judges/voters for my language pair every now and then
New translation contest: "Alien first impressions" Click on the context for answers:

About the source texts
The source texts for translation contests are typically selected by members with a goal of providing interesting and challenging material that enables top translators to show their talent.

To ensure a fair competition, efforts are made to avoid texts for which published translations exist. If you know of the existence of a published translation of any of these source texts into any language, please notify the site staff with a support request.

The views expressed in these texts should not be considered representative of the views of either staff members or the members of the community who have selected the texts.

Click here to review and propose additional source texts for this contest »

It appears the answer to "why" is because somebody proposed it and/or it's been upvoted to other suggestions. This may be an opportunity for unestablished authors to get some visibility on ProZ and Google.

If this is recreational exercise, it's fine. If it's not, I'm concerned about voting methodology. It appears contestants can either vote for themselves or ask friends to vote for them. Very questionable practice, unless I misunderstood something.
Lingua 5B
Lingua 5B
Bosnia and Herzegovina

What members have said about translation contests

I think everyone appreciates what you people are doing to improve the wonderful learning and exchange space these contests give us (which I think, it is all what they are about). Cheers!

It was fun to translate [the contest source text] because it presents a certain idea or principle in many different ways (and words) and thereby reveals whether the translator has full command of his/her target language.
Anna Haxen

Thanks to for another wonderful contest experience! translation contests translation contests offer a fun way to take a break from your normal routine while testing and honing your skills with fellow translators. Translation Contests. Patent pending.

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