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ProZ.com Annual Report 2020 12/22/2020

ProZ.com annual reports give progress updates to ProZ.com members on accomplishments, improvements and new developments made on the site.

New site guidance center 11/25/2020

Check the new, modernized site guidance center and learn how to complete your profile to attract clients, meet and network with colleagues, learn new skills, stay informed on what is happening in the industry, screen new clients, get term help, buy software at a lower price, and more!

Visit the new guidance center →

Upcoming free webinars on Meeting clients at ProZ.com 09/18/2020

Getting the most out of ProZ.com is easy, and the main approaches to meeting new clients are outlined in the ProZ.com winning strategies: Membership A strong, professional profile Collaboration and participation in term help Specialization Taking part in the Certified PRO Network This webinar will show you how to apply the winning strategies, and includes a workshop portion, in which participants can receive customized help from a member of ProZ.com staff.

ProZ.com jobs now on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn 05/14/2020

ProZ.com language industry jobs can now be added to social network feeds on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Jobs on Facebook »
  • Jobs on Twitter »
  • Jobs on LinkedIn »

  • New translation contest open to everyone » 04/29/2020

    ProZ.com translation contests are traditionally limited to paying members in language pairs where the member population is large enough to support competition. The next translation contest is just around the corner, and this time ProZ.com team would like to extend the invitation to participate to all non-paying members as well. If you were always intrigued by the translation contests but the membership requisite was an obstacle in your language pair(s), this is your chance!

    CafeTran is available to all ProZ.com paying members during Covid-19 pandemic » 04/09/2020

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, CafeTran is available in its unlimited version to all ProZ.com paying members, regardless of membership level. Many thanks go out to Igor at CafeTran for agreeing to make this benefit available to all members. The ProZ.com site team hopes that access to this program will be of use to those who are looking for a CAT tool now.

    New ProZ.com COVID-19 Resource Center » 04/06/2020

    A new ProZ.com COVID-19 Resource Center has been created with the purpose of helping language professionals and anyone in the language industry to stay up-to-date, cooperate and network as the COVID-19 crisis impacts the world.

    Visit the COVID-19 Resource Center »

    ProZ.com's new Training Interface & Spotlight Training » 03/12/2020

    ProZ.com has released an all new training interface at https://training.proz.com ProZ.com's Training Mission is to provide accessible, best in class, skill-building, industry-recognized training to support language professionals in achieving their business objectives and reaching their full potential. ProZ.com has also released a brand new opportunity - Spotlight Training. ProZ.com's Spotlight Training is designed to help linguists advance their career with focused training that includes handouts, supplemental materials, videos & webinars, cohort groups & small group coaching/Q&A sessions.

    The state of the linguist supply chain: a CSA report on translators and interpreters in 2020 » 02/12/2020

    In the second half of 2019, ProZ.com, Translators without Borders, and other organizations collaborated with Common Sense Advisory (CSA) on a survey directed at professional translators and interpreters. The information gathered in this survey, which was completed by over 7,000 professionals (most of them freelancers), was then used by CSA to build a report which covers a variety of areas, including demographics, behaviors, interaction with clients, income, technology, and trends and challenges being faced by today's freelance language professional. The ProZ.com team is happy to be able to help distribute this report to those who may be interested.

    Add and track your professional objectives at ProZ.com » 05/16/2019

    You can now add your professional business objectives at ProZ.com. These are designed to help ProZ.com deliver an experience that is more customized to your needs, but they may also serve, in some cases, as facilitators for networking. The objectives section is included as an "encouraged" field in your profile.

    Go to your profile updater, https://www.proz.com/settings/history, to get started.

    Human response to a changing industry: how freelancers are adapting to technological innovation (industry report) » 04/18/2019

    In the first part of 2019, the ProZ.com site team gave a talk at the GALA conference in Munich called Human response to a changing industry: how freelance translators and interpreters are adapting to technological innovation.

    The information presented in that talk has been expanded somewhat and published in written form as a ProZ.com industry report for ProZ.com members.


    ProZ.com industry reports »

    ProZ.com is hiring new team members » 04/08/2019

    ProZ.com has openings for internal team members. (Not translation positions.)

    New translation contest: submissions open until February 27th » 02/13/2019

    A new translation contest opens today, with a source text in English. Submissions will be open until February 27th.

    View the source text an submit an entry here »

    Report to ProZ.com members, 2018 » 12/03/2018

    Next year marks 20 years of ProZ.com helping language professionals to expand their businesses and improve their work, while networking and also having fun.

    Since then, ProZ.com paying members have been using an ever-growing suite of services and benefits the site provides to take their careers to the next level. They are also the reason the site has been able to offer those tools and opportunities, and the reason the site is available to everyone. So if you are a paying member of ProZ.com and are reading this, thank you! The ProZ.com site team is here to serve you.

    Here is what has been going on at ProZ.com since the last report to members: https://www.proz.com/topic/330935.

    See winners in the 2018 Community choice awards » 11/14/2018

    The results are in! See this year's winners in the ProZ.com community choice awards. Congratulations to those who won, and thank you to everyone who nominated and voted!

    Congratulations to the winners of ProZ.com translation mash-up Dust Bowl 11/02/2018

    After a full month of activity, the ProZ.com translation mash-up "Dust Bowl" has officially ended. Meet the winners ➜

    New Plus feature: TransPDF - fast and reliable PDF translation for professionals using XLIFF 10/31/2018

    A new benefit has been added to the ProZ.com Plus service package. TransPDF is an online service provided by Iceni Technology Ltd. which allows you to convert PDF files to XLIFF for use with your own translation tools. You can then convert your translated XLIFF back to PDF. Every final PDF from transpdf.com can be edited free-of-charge with Infix PDF Editor 7. TransPDF works via the exchange of credits. Users are granted 25 free credits upon sign up, and can then purchase credits as needed. TransPDF now offers ProZ.com Plus subscribers an additional 10 free credits per month as part of their Plus subscription. ProZ.com users who are not Plus subscribers, or Plus subscribers who have used their monthly allotment of credits may purchase credits at a discounted rate via ProZ.com. https://www.proz.com/topic/330034

    Two days left in web finals for the ProZ.com translation mash-up, 10/05/2018

    The web stage of the first ProZ.com translation mash-up, "Dust Bowl", is about to end and contest entries are now receiving votes.

    Vote for your favorite translations of the first part of the song "Dust Bowl" by Joe Bonamassa through the ProZ.com web. Mobile submission will start as soon as web voting ends.

    More information about this translation mash-up? Click here.

    Community choice awards voting open: check out the nominees and pick your favorites » 10/03/2018

    Voting is open for the sixth annual Community choice awards. The CCAs are designed to help publicly recognize individuals and resources in translation and interpreting which have been outstanding in the past year. Winners are decided purely through the number of votes received from the community, so check out the nominees and cast your votes for your favorites!

    First ProZ.com translation mash-up is open: 09/25/2018

    The first ProZ.com translation mash-up, "Dust Bowl", a translation contest in three stages, is open for submissions.

    Propose your translation of the first part of the song "Dust Bowl" by Joe Bonamassa (in English) through the ProZ.com web and participate to become the winner in your language pair. Submission ends September 30, 2018, 23:00 GMT.

    More information about this translation mash-up? Click here.

    Two days of free events in celebration of International Translation Day » 09/25/2018

    For the tenth year in a row, ProZ.com hosts an online event to celebrate International Translation Day (ITD). This year, the event takes place on September 25th and 26th.

    Watch from any ProZ.com page, from Facebook, Twitter, or Periscope, for free and without the need to register for the event.

    This event has been approved for up to 10 ATA continuing education points.

    Go to: https://www.proz.com/tv/ITD2018

    ProZ Pay™: A new way for freelancers to get paid » 09/22/2018

    If you have recently completed a project for a client or have an outstanding invoice, you can ask that your client use a new service at ProZ.com.

    ProZ Pay™ has been released to help make it easier for clients to pay freelancers.

    For freelancers, it is an easy and secure way to get paid, the way you want to get paid. There is also an additional benefit in being able to show prospective clients online that you are a real person who has been paid by previous clients.

    Advantages of ProZ Pay™:
    • Keep more of your earnings (ProZ Pay beats PayPal fees in various countries when you choose bank transfer as the payout method), and potentially get paid earlier
    • Show you are payable to prospective clients
    • Less paperwork - enter payment and tax information once
    • Get paid your way (PayPal and bank transfer available)
    • Share your own personal payment link and include it in your invoices (integrated with ProZ.com invoicing for freelancers)
    Find out more about how ProZ Pay™ works »

    ProZ.com Mobile integrates powwows and real-time chat » 09/19/2018

    To keep encouraging ProZ.com users to network and connect anytime, anywhere, ProZ.com Mobile team decided to integrate one of the site’s basic networking services: powwows.

    To try this new version of ProZ.com Mobile, download and install the app:

    ProZ.com Mobile for Android     ProZ.com Mobile for iOS

    Finals now open for the translation contest La sociedad transparente » 09/07/2018

    The finals phase for the translation contest La sociedad transparente opens today. If you have not done so already, you can add your votes now to help determine the winners.

    Cast your votes for the best translations here »

    ProZ.com members save 20% on books purchased at Routledge » 08/27/2018

    Through cooperation with the good folks at Routledge, ProZ.com members can now receive a 20% discount off their purchases of books at Routledge, along with free shipping. In addition, Routledge is offering a free chapter download from the book Being a Successful Interpreter by Jonathan Downie.

    See a selection of translation, interpreting and language books offered through Routledge, as well as other books by colleagues in the Books section: https://www.proz.com/books/

    Browse all Routledge books and get the promo code to use at checkout for your 20% off: https://www.routledge.com/collections/14186

    Nominate this year's outstanding professionals and resources » 08/24/2018

    Nominations are open for the sixth annual Community choice awards. The idea is to help publicly recognize individuals and resources in translation and interpreting which have been outstanding in the past year. Nominees and winners are decided purely through the number of nominations and votes received from the community. Take a few minutes and nominate your favorites, and if you haven't seen them before, you can check out winners from past years in the tab "Previous CCA winners".

    The Sounds of Silence translation contest: last days to help define finalists » 07/24/2018

    The qualifications stage of the translation contest The Sounds of Silence is nearing its end. If you have not done so already, please help define which translations make it to the finals stage by rating a few entries on their quality and accuracy:


    A modernized job listing page » 07/18/2018

    The search and display of job postings has been updated. Please provide your feedback in the forum thread here: https://www.proz.com/forum/prozcom_job_systems/326828-updated_job_listings_page.html

    New translation contest, La sociedad transparente, submissions open » 07/06/2018

    A new translation contest opened on July 6th, with a short source text in Spanish. More contests are on the way, with source texts in other languages. Submit your entry here »

    And don't forget to rate and vote in the other open translation contest, The Sounds of Silence: Help select finalists and winners here »

    Rate and vote to decide the best translations in The Sounds of Silence translation contest » 07/06/2018

    The Qualifications phase is open now in the translation contest The Sounds of Silence. Help select finalists and winners here »

    New translation contest, The Sounds of Silence, submissions open » 06/01/2018

    A new translation contest opened on June 1st, with a short source text in English about modern sounds and silence. More contests are on the way, with source texts in other languages.

    Post jobs on ProZ.com from within BaccS » 05/31/2018

    Are you a translator or team using BaccS business accounting software? The latest release connects the advanced translation project management platform to ProZ.com for job posting. BaccS business accounting software is an advanced project management platform for freelancers and teams. BaccS freelance edition is available for purchase, or bundled as part of the ProZ.com professional plus and business plus membership packages.

    First ProZ.com Mobile contest is on! (Submission open until Sunday, May 20) 05/16/2018

    This contest is the first mobile-only contest. Just download and install the latest version of the ProZ.com Mobile app in a mobile device to participate.

    For more information about ProZ.com Mobile, visit the ProZ.com Mobile page: https://www.proz.com/mobile

    ProZ Find™ (new directory) alpha release 05/10/2018

    A new freelancer directory -- ProZ Find™ -- has been released in alpha stage. Feedback is sought.

    Announcing improvements to privacy and data protection at ProZ.com (GDPR) » 05/09/2018

    Prompted by the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the ProZ.com team has made several improvements and adjustments to the way personal information can be entered and managed by users of ProZ.com.

    New search tool for connecting clients with service providers: ProZ Find (alpha) » 05/02/2018

    Today ProZ.com is releasing an alpha version of ProZ Find, a new search tool to help outsourcers and end clients find service providers who meet their needs. During this alpha period, all features are available to all logged-in users; however, please note that some features will be exclusively available to members upon official release. ProZ Find is the next generation of ProZ.com's directory (the current directory has been in continuous use for about sixteen years). ProZ Find features a new interface that is (hopefully) more intuitive and easy to use. ProZ Find allows you to make one decision at a time and provides real-time guidance on the number of service providers who meet your criteria. In addition to translation, ProZ Find provides first-class support for many other services including interpreting, subtitling, proofreading, copywriting, project management, localization, voiceover and more. https://www.proz.com/find

    Updates to the way languages can be entered in profiles » 02/21/2018

    Some improvements have been made to the language settings in the profile editor. The purpose of these changes is to make it easier to enter language information, and to support entering some additional information like proficiency and language variants.

    Buy access to Elia 2018 Specialisation track 02/07/2018

    Watch Elia Together 2018 from the comfort of your home or office. February 22nd 9:00 AM CET - 17:00 CET February 23rd 9:15 AM CET - 17:00 CET Purchasers of the Livestream/online access will see all sessions from the Specialisation track Moderated by Jason Willis-Lee In this track, we’ll explore how specialisation in key domains – from law to medicine to art history – can give your business the competitive edge.

    Speak / show your services to potential clients: add a video to your online profile » 02/05/2018

    A new way to add localized video greetings to your main profile, as well as any Pools you're a member of, has been released today on ProZ.com. This feature is currently in alpha.

    Test here: Profile settings > Marketing and promotion > Video greetings

    Elia and ProZ.com partner to broadcast "Together 2018" » 01/31/2018

    Elia and ProZ.com partner to broadcast “Together 2018” for translators and translation companies. Now in its third year, Together is an annual two-day event from Elia, the European Language Industry Association, where language service companies and independent professionals convene for open dialogue on industry trends, to learn mutually-relevant new approaches, to update technical skills and, ultimately, develop lasting relationships to serve our end clients better. Through this new partnership, Elia and ProZ.com will bring Together to a wider online audience, enabling more translation professionals to benefit from Elia’s best-in-class content.

    New ProZ.com Pool™ for specialists in literary translation » 01/12/2018

    A new ProZ.com Pool™ has been opened for those specializing in literary translation. If you have experience in literary translation, please consider applying to this pool. ProZ.com Pools™ help make it easier for clients to find experts in different areas. See all currently available pools and learn more »

    New "About me" editor and localization for your profile » 01/04/2018

    Your "About me" is one of the most prominent parts of your profile and a great tool for describing yourself to potential clients. While you have always been able to customize this section using text, images, and various styles, this process has recently been made easier and more visual. Adding images or formatting text in your “About me” no longer requires learning HTML code. Instead, these tasks can now be accomplished through the use of the new visual editor (similar to a word processing program such as Word or Pages).

    Tailoring your profile to the various languages of your potential clients is an important way to make yourself standout. The new “About me” editor allows you to easily localize your “About me” text in different languages.

    You can find the updated "About me" editor in the Profile Updater.

    ProZ.com Mobile: new home and notification types » 12/27/2017

    ProZ.com Mobile has been improved to offer a better home screen and more notification types (jobs, KudoZ, WIWO, contests). Click here for details.

    Pre-release of WWA feedback cards » 12/12/2017

    A preview of a new service provider feedback card has been released. During this pre-release period you can view only your own feedback card (you will not be able to view the feedback card of others). You can access your feedback card from your profile (in the WWA box in the top right corner of your profile click on the "View feedback card" link) or by visiting www​.proz​.com​/feedback-card/{your-profile-number}

    The purpose of this pre-release is twofold:

    1. To give service providers ample time to review the new WWA ratings they have received since the feature was announced (and subsequently to make any decisions regarding showing/hiding/contesting ratings)
    2. To receive comments on the feedback card format. Please feel free to leave your ideas/suggestions/critiques in the announcement thread, https://www.proz.com/topic/321241

    New native language verification program » 12/12/2017

    A new program through which language professionals can have their native language verified has been released. If you are a ProZ.com Plus subscriber, or participate in the program by helping to verify the native languages of three or more peers, you are eligible for verification.

    See more at https://www.proz.com/native-language-verification.php

    Tailor your taglines to your clients, in their languages 11/16/2017

    The tagline is the only bit of text that you can control in directory search results. It is important! So much so that if you don't have one, you may have a bad experience in meeting clients at ProZ.com!

    Report to ProZ.com members, 2017 11/13/2017

    Here is what has been going on at ProZ.com since the last report to members. Read the report here »

    New look for the Translation company directory » 10/19/2017

    The ProZ.com translation company directory, the industry's busiest directory for finding translation companies, is being updated, in line with the ongoing efforts at modernization on ProZ.com.

    Recordings from International Translation Day available now » 09/28/2017

    Did you miss #ProZTV coverage for International Translation Day? Recordings of all the sessions are available at https://www.proz.com/tv/ITD2017 Registered ProZ.com users can view recordings for 72 hours. ProZ.com Standard subscribers can view recordings for 1 week. ProZ.com Plus subscribers will have access to recordings indefinitely as a part of the Plus video library.

    Quickly clarify your security offerings (member-only) 08/22/2017

    Members can now quickly clarify, for potential new clients, security practices offered or potentially offered. Aggregate data from other members is also available.

    New Plus package benefit: Enhanced profile visitors feature 07/11/2017

    It is now easier for Plus package subscribers to see who's visiting and interacting with their ProZ.com profile.

    Voting now open in the 2017 Community choice awards 07/04/2017

    Voting in the 2017 edition of the ProZ.com community choice awards is open until the end of July. Vote now for your favorites!

    New Plus package benefit: Free, unlimited access to BaccS, a project management tool for freelance translators 07/04/2017

    Plus package subscribers can now get free access to BaccS, a desktop project management tool for freelance translators ($120 USD value).

    New Plus package benefit: Free download of Henk Sanderson's IATE terminology packages 06/01/2017

    Plus package subscribers can now download any of Henk Sanderson's 552 IATE terminology packages (which range in price from €5.50 to €8.50) for free.

    Translation news round-up for April 05/03/2017

    Some of the highlights in April's news for translators.

    Translation news round-up for March 03/28/2017

    See some of the highlights in March's news for translators.

    Improved messaging and invitations in the translation center powered by ProZ.com 02/24/2017

    New features and tools have been added to the translation center powered by ProZ.com and made available to ProZ.com Business members, including * new messaging options, several improvements to the pages used for inviting and assigning translators to accept a posted job, * The ability to assign a team to a given client * File upload size expanded to 25 MB

    New features in ProZ.com Mobile 02/02/2017

    ProZ.com Mobile now includes the following features:

  • Blue Board entry posting and rating.
  • Social network sharing.
  • Confidentiality level in jobs

    Download ProZ.com Mobile for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/proz.com-mobile/id1159346024?ls=1&mt=8

    Download ProZ.com Mobile for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proz

  • Initial rollout of Plus package complete 12/30/2016

    The initial rollout of the Plus service package is now complete. Over 2000 members have selected the Plus package.

    Interactive LWA badge for Business members 12/20/2016

    Business members now have access to an interactive badge that can be embedded in other web pages to display their updated Blue Board LWA feedback from translators. A great LWA is a very positive indicator for both translators and potential clients about the way you run your business.

    Release of the new ProZ.com Plus member service package 11/15/2016

    Plus package features will be released one by one in the coming days. Stay tuned and let us know what you think!

    Revised ProZ.com professional guidelines - feedback invited 10/28/2016

    ProZ.com's "Professional guidelines", endorsed by nearly 40,000 translators, are being updated. Those interested in weighing in are invited to provide feedback in the dedicated forum thread: http://www.proz.com/post/2600464#2600464

    Report to ProZ.com members, 2016 10/18/2016

    News and recent advances at ProZ.com.

    Video: ProZ.com members now have two service package options to choose from. 10/04/2016

    Up to now, all ProZ.com members have enjoyed the same suite of services, at roughly the same price, on a one-size-fits-all basis. Now, going forward, ProZ.com members will be able to choose between two service packages -- "Standard" and "Plus" -- according to their personal needs and preferences. Tune into this session for a discussion by ProZ.com's founder on the reasoning behind, and the possibilities presented by, the introduction of this choice.

    ProZ.com Mobile now available on iOS 09/30/2016

    ProZ.com Mobile, an application developed for use on mobile devices and released on Android in June, is now available on iOS (iPhone, iPod touch or iPad). More information: http://www.proz.com/topic/307108

    Download ProZ.com Mobile for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/proz.com-mobile/id1159346024?ls=1&mt=8

    Download ProZ.com Mobile for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proz

    ProZ.com Mobile has a new design and notifications 09/09/2016

    A new design has been implemented in ProZ.com Mobile for Android and the very first push notifications went out earlier today to notify Android users of today's quick poll.

    More information: http://www.proz.com/topic/306337

    Download ProZ.com Mobile for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.proz

    ProZ.com's 3-day virtual event for International Translation Day is free to attend 08/23/2016

    Join ProZ.com for a 3-day free to attend virtual event to celebrate 2016 International Translation Day. New for 2016 - the virtual event is fully mobile compatible Earn 10 ATA CE points Attend online live Q&A sessions, panel discussions, focus groups & more Special offers/discounts on software & CAT Tools Network & collaborate with translators worldwide View full program at http://www.proz.com/virtual-conferences/697/program Visit http://www.proz.com/virtual-conferences/697/register to register for the 3-day virtual event

    Help decide the most outstanding and influential translators and translation resources in 2016 08/11/2016

    The ProZ.com community choice awards seek to highlight outstanding or influential translators and translation resources. The nominees, and the winners, are determined entirely by translators. Please cast your votes to help decide the winners! See nominees and vote for ProZ.com community choice awards winners for 2016: http://www.proz.com/community-choice-awards

    Free webinar week. Sign up! 07/22/2016

    Tm Town, Lilt, Wordfast, STAR, MateCat, SDL and memoQ

    ProZ.com 2016 international conference in Stockholm, Sweden: Which social events do you plan to attend? 07/18/2016

    ProZ.com's 2016 international conference is just over a month away, and there's still plenty of time to start signing up for the social events you plan to attend, such as: A sightseeing tour of Stockholm's beautiful Old Town: http://www.proz.com/powwow/6011 An exciting pre-conference powwow and tour at the Nobel Museum: http://www.proz.com/powwow/6002 A post-conference dinner overlooking the harbor: http://www.proz.com/powwow/6005 View complete details on the "Social" tab of the conference page: http://www.proz.com/conference/683?page=social

    ProZ.com has gone Mobile 06/14/2016

    ProZ.com members have now access to ProZ.com Mobile, a native app developed based on member feedback to help you get the best of ProZ.com anytime, anywhere.

    See the announcement: http://www.proz.com/topic/303185

    ProZ.com 2016 international conference in Stockholm, Sweden: Early bird discount ends soon! 05/30/2016

    The special "early bird" discounted price to book your seat for this year's ProZ.com international conference in Stockholm, Sweden will be available until June 12th. Book your seat now!

    ProZ.com acquires TM-Town 04/13/2016

    ProZ.com obtains an additional channel through which its members can promote their services. See the press release.

    New Translator Group Buy campaigns 04/12/2016

    Check out the new Translator Group Buy campaigns: http://www.proz.com/tgb/

    Translation industry events calendar released 03/08/2016

    In the spirit of providing site users with tools and opportunities to better network with each other, a calendar has been created listing all in-person language industry events that are scheduled to take place this year. These events range from workshops or seminars, to powwows, to regional events, to major international conferences.

    The ProZ.com translation industry events calendar is available here: http://www.proz.com/pages/translation_events

    See the announcement: http://www.proz.com/topic/298930

    New services added to the directory, directory will now also search CV content 12/17/2015

    A few changes have been made to the ProZ.com directory.

    It is now possible to search for different types of interpreting services, and for users with experience in sales, vendor management, desktop publishing and so on. If you offer any of these services, be sure to update your profile accordingly: https://www.proz.com/settings/

    Directory searches can now also include the content of CVs in users' profiles (providing they have chosen to make them public).

    Announcement: New options for directory searches
    Announcement: It is now possible to search CVs from the directory

    Translator center updates 12/04/2015

    * A tutorial on the financial tools provided with the translation center has been posted at http://proz.me/TC * A link to documents on privacy and security have been included at the bottom of each TC page * Operation with junior translators is now possible, see http://proz.me/JT

    Giving Tuesday year-end donation drive (December 1st-3rd, 2015) 11/30/2015

    ProZ.com is joining forces with Pieter Beens, a Dutch translator and copywriter, as well as a ProZ.com member since 2011, to invite the entire translator community to join a "Giving Tuesday" year-end donation drive.

    Donations will be accepted from December 1st to the 3rd, and all proceeds will benefit the following non-profit organizations: SOS Children's Villages, Concern Worldwide and Books For Africa. Learn more →

    New service agreements tool for members 10/06/2015

    ProZ.com is happy to announce a new tool designed to allow site members to create, send and track service agreements online. Check this new tool now »

    ProZ.com FREE virtual event for International Translation Day 09/18/2015

    Join ProZ.com & over 7,000 translators & interpreters in celebration of International Translation Day with a free two-day online event including 100's of hours of sessions, training, software demos, software sales, prize giveaways & more. The event has been awarded 10 ATA CE credits.

    New landing page created for the translation center 09/11/2015

    A new landing page has been created for the translation center powered by ProZ.com, including images and explanations on its operation, testimonials, news and videos. This translation center was created for Translators without Borders and has been made available free of charge to ProZ.com corporate members.

    Improvement to the management of translators 09/11/2015

    It is now possible to delete a translators team * Team affiliation is shown to managers in the list of translators and in the profile page * It is now possible to add translators to a team from the list of translators and in the profile page * Translators email address is shown to workplace admins in the list of translators

    Nominations now open for the 2015 ProZ.com community choice awards 08/05/2015

    Nominations for this year's community choice awards are now open, and will be accepted until August 18th. See the announcement: http://www.proz.com/topic/288329 Learn more about the ProZ.com community choice awards, see past winners, and submit your nominations for this year's awards here: http://www.proz.com/community-choice-awards

    Survey on Translation Management Systems (TMS) 07/24/2015

    Please take a moment to respond to these questions regarding the use of Translation Management Systems by companies. A report based on this survey will be shared with the participants.

    Sesión profesional: La gestión de riesgos para traductores independientes 06/22/2015

    Un enfoque integral de la gestión de riesgos para traductores independientes que incluye, entre otros, los riesgos comerciales, de definición y de operación. La gestión de riesgos es una forma activa de prepararse para lo que pueda traer el futuro, incluyendo ofertas de trabajo fraudulentas, falta de pago, clientes insatisfechos por una inadecuada gestión del alcance, problemas técnicos y mucho más. Duración 2 horas aproximadamente. Luego del seminario powwow en Market Café del diagonal 74 y 48, La Plata: http://www.proz.com/powwow/5644

    Platform developed for Translators without Borders now available to ProZ.com corporate members 05/21/2015

    After delivering over 25 million words, the translation center used by TWB is now being offered for use by ProZ.com corporate members in their own work

    ProZ.com membership specials: 24 hours of more than membership (ends Dec 5th) 12/04/2014

    With the purpose of encouraging site users who have not yet joined the ProZ.com community as paying members to do so during this year-end membership campaign, the ProZ.com team has prepared a set of special deals that will be available for a limited period of time. Check these specials out »

    2014 year-end membership campaign: Success is your choice - Only 1 week left! 12/04/2014

    The 2014 year-end membership campaign is coming to an end. Join or renew your membership before December 13th and have the chance at winning great prizes. Learn more »

    Unauthorized directory listings on another site-- thanks to everyone who reported this and took action 11/16/2014

    It was reported that directory listings from some ProZ.com users had been published on lingvopoint.com. The site mentioned is no longer available.

    There is no indication that the information involved was private, but rather information available publicly in profiles. Most of the members who reported this issue indicated that the republished material was a mixture of public profile information and fabricated details. It was also been reported that the publicly visible information on some job postings had been republished on the site mentioned.

    ProZ.com staff have taken steps to make sure the republished material is taken down and not posted again (as have others who have posted in this thread). Steps are also being taken to ensure a more rapid response to an issue like this in the future.

    Technical safeguards already exist that prevent certain types of this "scraping". However, the scraping of publicly displayed information is not something that can be prevented entirely. It is the ProZ.com site team's responsibility to what it can in instances like this to have material removed when it has been republished.

    If you become aware of an instance of republished material, please report it to site staff. The fastest way to reach staff is through the support system.

    ProZ.com 2014 year-end membership campaign: Success is your choice (Nov 13th - Dec 11th) 11/14/2014

    Join ProZ.com or renew your membership before December 11th, 2014, and have the chance at winning great prizes, including an expenses-paid trip to the ProZ.com conference of your choice! Learn more »

    ProZ.com's FREE virtual conference for International Translation Day 09/22/2014

    Registration now open for ProZ.com's FREE 2014 virtual conference for International Translation Day. Join ProZ.com to Celebrate 2014 International Translation Day with two full days of online sessions, panel discussions, focus groups and special offers. Program highlights include: Free Tools for Translators Technical translation: is it really about terminology? Setting up an MT system Managing client expectations Economics of pricing for the Translation industry Panel discussion on meeting clients Panel discussion on Machine Translation Medical documents for academic publishing: Creating English content with precision, accuracy, and style How to participate in EU tendering procedures for translation services

    Falta muy poco para el evento de ProZ.com en La Plata 07/22/2014

    Algunos de los temas que se tratarán en el evento: Panorama de la traducción asistida por computadora (CAT). Registrate y reservá tu lugar ya mismo.

    Un mes para el evento regional de ProZ.com en La Plata, 16 de agosto. 06/26/2014

    Mirá lo que te estás perdiendo si todavía no te anotaste en el evento. Solo queda un mes. Registrate y reservá tu lugar ya mismo.

    ProZ.com patched for heartbleed early last week 04/11/2014

    Regarding the well-publicized "heartbleed bug": Like many Internet sites, ProZ.com does use OpenSSL, the affected technology. ProZ.com staff members became aware of the vulnerability and patched ProZ.com's software installations on Tuesday. The further step of getting a new SSL certificate was taken on Thursday. You can test the sites and services you use against the "heartbleed bug" using this tool: http://filippo.io/Heartbleed/ If you have any questions, please contact site staff via the support system.

    Translators without Borders 2013 Access to Knowledge Awards 01/18/2014

    Translators without Borders announced this week the winners of their second annual Access to Knowledge Awards

    ProZ.com member Mark Thompson on how he started in translation (The Telegraph) 10/24/2013

    ProZ.com member Mark Thompson writes about how he started in translation (The Telegraph): http://www.telegraph.co.uk/expat/expatlife/10380467/I-caught-the-language-bug-late-but-remain-happily-infected.html

    Translators without Borders' Wikipedia project in the press 10/02/2013

    One key Translators without Borders project aims to translating 100 selected and edited Wikipedia medical articles into as many as 100 languages. This week the Wikipedia project has been featured by The New York Times and by The Atlantic.

    Program available for joint ProZ.com/SDL virtual event - September 10 08/26/2013

    The full program for the September 10 virtual event presented by ProZ.com & SDL Language Technologies is now available

    Brazil conference speaker interview series: Lorena Leandro 08/22/2013

    Lorena Leandro is the subject of the sixth installment of this multi-part interview series featuring some of the presenters of the upcoming conference in Recife, Brazil, which will take place in just a few days. Lorena graduated from the Universidade Católica de Santos with a BA in Translation, and has been working as a translator since 2005. She specializes in the areas of IT, marketing, and business. Lorena is also a member of the ProZ.com Certified PRO Network.

    Brazil conference speaker interview series: Bianca Bold 08/20/2013

    Today’s installment of the Brazil conference speaker interview series features Bianca Bold. Bianca has been working in the industry for over ten years, holds an MA in Translation Studies from York University, and has been working in the field of film subtitling since 2006. Bianca will be sharing her knowledge of the field of audiovisual translation during her presentation entitled “A globalização do audiovisual: uma projeção para muito além do cinema” at the upcoming event in Recife, Brazil.

    Brazil conference speaker interview series: Judy Jenner 08/17/2013

    Our first interview comes from Judy Jenner – translator, court-certified interpreter, blogger, and one of the keynote speakers for this event. Judy’s presentation is entitled “The Entrepreneurial Linguist,” which will focus on how to implement top business practices in order to better position oneself in the industry.

    Networking event for Poetry & literature translators 07/18/2013

    Join ProZ.com for a 2-hour series of group discussions. This new type of online event is designed to facilitate networking & collaboration between translators working within the poetry & literature specialty.

    Networking event for hotel and tourism industry translators - July 11 06/25/2013

    Join ProZ.com for a series of discussions specifically for hotel and tourism industry translators. During this 3 hour event, attendees are encouraged to connect via chat, text and even webcam if they desire!

    memoQ Virtual day 2013 - Program now available 05/16/2013

    The program is now available for the 2013 memoQ Virtual day being held on ProZ.com on May 30 2013.

    Negotiation & Communication Skills Workshop - Porto, POR June 10 05/08/2013

    ProZ.com is pleased to announce a 1-day Negotiation & Communication Skills workshop taking place immediately after the 2013 International Conference in Porto, POR. Conference attendees will have access to special pricing for this working with ProZ.com trainer Konstantin Kisin

    CAT tool use by translators: what are they using? 03/29/2013

    Part two of a Translator T.O. blog post about CAT tool use among translators.

    Interview with ProZ.com member Ildikó Santana on Translators without Borders and her work as a translator 03/27/2013

    Ildikó is the winner of Translators without Borders’ Right to Knowledge Award, and also Language lead for Hungarian and global coordinator of the Wikipedia – WikiProject Medicine Translation Task Force. http://www.proz.com/translator/37677

    CAT tool use by translators: who is using? 03/22/2013

    A Translator T.O. blog post on CAT tool use among translators (part one of two).

    Just added: Income Diversificiation for freelance translators virtual event - May 15 03/14/2013

    Joy Mo and ProZ.com are pleased to present the 2013 Income Diversification virtual event. May 15, 2012 17:00 GMT - 20:00 GMT The 2013 ProZ.com income diversification virtual event seeks to help freelance translators build multiple income streams with their bilingual skills and knowledge. Visit the conference page for more information

    Over 10,000 site users have specified language *variants* in their profiles 02/12/2013

    An option was released late last year that enabled site users to specify which variant (or variants) of their native language they speak. Variants have now been specified in over 10,000 profiles.

    Google Analytics to be activated temporarily 01/31/2013

    Starting February 1st, and for some time thereafter, ProZ.com will use Google Analytics to better assess site traffic. During the period that the tool is in use, information is gathered (including a site user's IP address) and a report is generated, for the ProZ.com staff, in aggregate form. ProZ.com’s use of Google Analytics is covered in ProZ.com's privacy policy. ProZ.com site users have full control over the personal information they provide to ProZ.com and the manner in which it is used. If you do not wish to have information about the pages visited from your IP logged by Google Analytics, you may indicate that preference here: analytics preferences page. If you choose to opt out, data from your page visits will not be obtained by Google Analytics. To learn more about Google analytics click here

    Registration open for 2nd annual Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask virtual event 01/29/2013

    The 2nd Annual "Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask" Virtual Event will be held on 19 February. Building on last year's success, the interviews will be an incredible opportunity to submit your questions to some of the world's leading translation agencies, end clients, technology providers and experienced translators and trainers. The aim of the day is to bring together different sections of the language service industry and facilitate open communication and dialogue, building bridges between freelancers, clients and software developers. We will also be announcing a number of new features for this year's virtual event so REGISTER NOW and keep your eyes peeled!

    2012 year-end membership campaign: Stand out - Only 1 week left! 12/06/2012

    The 2012 year-end membership campaign is coming to an end. Join or renew your membership before December 13th and have the chance at winning great prizes.

    Learn more >>

    New contest feature: "Composite best" translation 11/06/2012

    It is now possible to see the collection of the top rated translations of each quote, all on one page.

    Free introduction to Improve Your Essential Business Skills with Konstantin Kisin 10/09/2012

    If you are curious about the series of workshops to Improve Your Essential Business Skills with Konstantin Kisin but have yet to make up your mind, this is your opportunity to ask any questions you have about the events and find out more absolutely FREE!

    Program now available for SDL Trados 2012 virtual event 05/25/2012

    ProZ.com is pleased to publish the full schedule for the 2012 SDL Trados virtual event taking place on June 20th. Check out the over 10 hours of presentations and register to attend this FREE ProZ.com virtual event.

    Save the date for ProZ.com's 2012 SDL Trados virtual event 04/12/2012

    Take a journey around SDL top products in a day! Save the date and join ProZ.com for the 2012 SDL virtual event on June 20th from 10:30 to 18:00 GMT Learn more about the exciting solutions SDL has to offer in this one day event, our exclusive choice of sessions will give you the chance to pick the presentations of interest to you.

    Special virtual event - "Questions you have always wanted to ask" 03/21/2012

    Join ProZ.com and trainer Konstantin Kisin for a special virtual event on April 24th allowing the ProZ.com community to ask all the "questions you have always wanted to ask" of translation end clients, technology providers and translation agencies. This event is free to attend.

    New feature: Translator scam alert center 02/22/2012

    The Translator scam alert center is an area that will be used to provide organized, concise information regarding false job offers and other scams which may be aimed at or are affecting language professionals.

    ProZ.com Certified PRO Network: PRO certification in more than one language pair released 01/24/2012

    Until now, PRO certification was only possible in one language pair. However, since January 23, 2012, members of the Certified PRO Network are invited to submit their applications for certification in a second language pair.

    Apply now!

    New site guidance center 11/11/2011

    The site guidance center is a place for you to learn how to get the most out of your ProZ.com experience.

    Thank you to ProZ.com site moderators, class of 2010-2011 07/18/2011

    The moderator class of 2011-2012 is scheduled to begin in August. If you are a ProZ.com member and would like to volunteer for a one-year term as site moderator, please visit this page or contact site staff through the support center.

    Advance your career with ProZ.com membership plus training 09/20/2010

    see the forum post and discuss at http://www.proz.com/topic/180845

    ProZ.com training packages: Save up to 45% off individual courses 09/16/2010

    There's a new way to purchase some of the most popular training courses offered on the ProZ.com training platform. Buy courses bundled together in training packages, and save up to 45% over purchasing courses individually. Each training package includes a series of related courses, offered together as a discounted bundle. Training packages are available in several different configurations: * Marketing and promotion * Project management * Starter pack * Specialization * Client creator * Localization project management * Translation agency * Technology toolbag * Website winners New packages will be added over time. (If you are interested in creating your own training courses to offer to others, please visit the trainers page to learn more.)

    Beware of scams! 06/21/2010

    A ProZ.com Wiki articles was started on the issue of Detecting and reacting to false job offers and other scams. You are welcome and encouraged to add to this article to create a resource that will help translators in this subject area.

    Further improvements to Translator Training 05/27/2010

    Improved navigation, streamlined course information, localized course schedules, easier access to course materials, improved calendar, more options for trainers Visit http://www.proz.com/translator-training to browse the new training pages

    Professional guidelines updated; now endorsed by over 16,000 04/06/2010

    A line covering rates has been added to the ProZ.com professional guidelines. Consider endorsing this updated version.

    Welcome, new members! 12/16/2009

    A record number of new members took advantage of the year-end campaign to join. Welcome! The ProZ.com site team looks forward to serving you in 2010.

    9th ProZ.com Translation Contest: Final voting phase is open! 09/28/2009

    The final voting phase for the 9th Proz.com translation contest, Business, is open. Vote for the best entries and help decide the winners! This phase closes Saturday, October 10.

    New book of Rilke translations by 14 ProZ.com translators 08/25/2009

    ProZ.com members have taken part in translations of Stories of God, by Rainer Maria Rilke, along with contributing essays on the art of translation and their approach to it. A brief description of this book, with links to see more in-depth information and to purchase, has been added to http://www.proz.com/books.

    Site security notice: private data accessed in some profiles 08/06/2009

    It has been determined that in early June certain personal information in some ProZ.com profiles was accessed improperly.

    New home page view for non logged in visitors 07/13/2009

    A new "home" page has been released for non-logged in visitors. Members are invited to review it and make suggestions for improvements.

    New ProZ.com moderator program 07/01/2009

    The new moderator role and program can be seen here.

    To accompany this fresh new approach to the moderator program, several improvements have been made, among them a new application form and a dedicated training program for new moderators.

    Members who are willing to play a more active role in the community are encouraged to read the moderator role description and, if attracted by the prospect of serving a term as moderator, to express this interest by applying for the moderator class of 2009-2010.

    Serving a year as moderator is an excellent way of helping others to get the most out of the site, and an opportunity to network with a great group of fellow language professionals.

    See the full announcement at http://www.proz.com/topic/139069

    New forum: DTP - Desktop Publishing 03/23/2009

    Thank you to member Mauricio Coitiño for suggesting the new DTP - Desktop Publishing forum, http://www.proz.com/topic/130789

    1st Annual ProZ.com Translation Contest. Winners announced in 82 language pairs. 01/09/2009

    Announcement of winners of the 1st Annual ProZ.com Translation Contest in eighty-two (82) language combinations (voting is still open in 3 pairs). Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the participants.

    ProZ.com now available in Greek. 01/05/2009

    Thanks to all of the localization team members who have worked diligently to create a version of ProZ.com in Greek. To view the version in Greek see: http://ell.proz.com/ When working on the newly localized interface, you will find a link to the localization team leaders' and volunteers' profiles at the bottom of every page. You are kindly invited to provide feedback about the localization directly to the localization team leaders. Thanks again to all of the localizers for this great achievement.

    A week of free webinars: Across, Alchemy, Beetext, MemoQ, SDL Trados, Wordfast 12/05/2008

    ProZ.com has arranged a series of FREE webinars on tools and products during the 2nd week of December. Companies providing free Webinars include: Across - Wed, Dec 10, 2008 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT Alchemy - Thu, Dec 11, 2008 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT Beetext - Thu, Dec 11, 2008 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT Kilgray (MemoQ) - Mon, Dec 8, 2008 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT SDL TRADOS - Tue, Dec 9, 2008 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM GMT Wordfast - Tue, Dec 9, 2008 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT To view details on all sessions and to register for any of the FREE webinars please visit http://www.proz.com/online_trainings and look for the free webinar series. Sign up for as many as you like.

    Vote in the 1st annual contest 11/27/2008

    Voters will be eligible to win one of the iPods.

    Announcing ProZ.com Certified PRO network 10/13/2008

    The ProZ.com Certified PRO network was announced. It is now possible to apply for admittance into the network.

    The Warsaw Pact Debate 10/07/2008

    The Warsaw Pact Debate is a panel discussion about managing the relationship between translation agencies and freelance vendors. The panel discussion will be the finale of the TM-Europe 2008 Conference on October 10th at 4.30 PM CET. Andre Pellet of Proz.com will be chairing the debate and a panel of three representatives of translation agencies of different size (Lionbridge, Magit, Welocalize) and three freelance translators with a lot of experience and interesting opinions. Opposite them we have the conference participants and the on-line audience. There are a lot of issues to be discussed and all the ingredients for a very lively debate are there. However, we are also hoping that this proves to be a very positive discussion on how agencies and vendors can openly talk about their problems and sometimes conflicting needs, with the aim of seeking consensus and working together to develop the whole industry and promote standards and best practice rather than simply focusing on their differences. We will be running a live webcast of this debate on-line with an option to submit questions and comments to the moderator both before and during the debate itself. In order to join this debate you should register free of charge at http://www.tm-global.com/resources?q=node/13 and you will receive the access details prior to the webcast by email. On-line participation facilities are limited so please register soon to book a place. You can submit questions and opinions before the debate by sending them to [email protected] and marking your email “Warsaw Pact Debate”.

    ProZ.com KudoZ archive surpasses two million terms 09/16/2008

    ProZ.com, the world’s leading community of translation professionals, today announced that the "KudoZ" archive of terms and their translations has now grown to a size of over two million terms. With well researched answers to 2 million queries, KudoZ is the largest multilingual term base built by language professionals.

    International Translation Day 09/12/2008

    Propose a powwow in your area to celebrate our profession!

    Announcing the Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship 09/02/2008

    It has now been one year since ProZ.com staff member Justin Chlebus passed away. He had just turned 22. To honor Justin's life and on the occasion of his birthday, a scholarship program is being created: the Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship program was kicked off this weekend with an in-person event among Justin's friends and family in Syracuse. This event was first and foremost a celebration of Justin's life among the people who knew and loved him. It also served as the start of fund-raising efforts for the scholarship program. Several thousand US dollars were raised toward the fund. More information about the program, and the possibility to donate, is available via this page: http://www.proz.com/justin-chlebus-memorial-scholarship For now, donations are being accepted only via Paypal. Your generosity in memory of the great person we have lost, and for the promising young people that the scholarship will hopefully touch, will be appreciated.

    ProZ.com is now available in Estonian, Farsi, Malay and Urdu 08/07/2008

    Dear ProZians, We are excited to announce that ProZ.com is now available in Estonian, Farsi, Malay and Urdu. This wonderful accomplishment is credited to the following groups: Estonian Elingor OÜ You may view the Estonian version by clicking on the following link: http://est.proz.com/ Farsi Reza Ebrahami, Sasan Zangeneh, Mohammad Reza Razaghi, Rahi Moosavi, Edward Plaisance, Jr. You may view the Farsi version by clicking on the following link: http://fas.proz.com Malay Ayob Salleh, yam2u, Rahayu, Shakirah Md Zain, Pei Ling Haußecker, Sophia Jusoff, Nasima Sarwar, Siti Hajar Baharuddin You may view the Malay version by clicking on the following link: http://may.proz.com Urdu TRYTUN Translation Services, Ramesh Bhatt, Naseera Mirza, You may view the Urdu version by clicking on the following link: http://urd.proz.com/ When working on the newly localized interface, you will find a link to the localization team leaders' and volunteers' profiles at the bottom of every page. You are kindly invited to provide feedback about the localization directly to the localization team leaders. We again want to thank the localization teams for this achievement. Kind Regards, Maggie O'Hara

    ProZ.com Localization Partial Releases into: Belarusian, Cebuano (Bisayan), Korean and Ukrainian 08/07/2008

    Dear ProZians, We are proud to announce that ProZ.com has been partially localized into Belarusian, Cebuano (Bisayan), Korean and Ukrainian A partial release happens when a localization team finishes the first phase of the localization project. While the respective languages are visible, the localization teams will continue to work on the other phases in order to complete the entire project. Once the project is complete, then we will notify the community and announce the team members who were involved in the project(s). If you would like to use one of the localized versions, please go to the "site language" drop down menu (on the home page) and just choose the language you wish to view the site in. Kind Regards, Maggie O'Hara

    Manage your Blue Board LWA entries 07/11/2008

    A new page has been released to simplify the administration of LWA entries provided and received on the Blue Board. This page can be found as a new option, My LWA, under the MyProZ.com tab at the top of the page.

    File upload and storage (for TMs, glossaries, etc.) 06/05/2008

    A new feature has been released to assist in the handling of translation memories, glossaries and other files. This feature provides a way to quickly and securely upload and save a number of files for your own personal use (others will not have access to these files).

    Upload CV in multiple languages 05/12/2008

    You can now make your CV available in multiple languages.

    BlueBoard LWA stats displayed in profiles 05/10/2008

    Profile owners who have "Likelihood of working again" (LWA) feedback in their Blue Board pages will now be able to show the corresponding statistics in the top-right area of the profile.

    New 'beta' directory sped up (members only) 05/05/2008

    A new directory has been released for beta testing by members.

    ProZ.com On-line training sessions. 04/08/2008

    A long-standing request from members has been answered. ProZ.com has released its first online training sessions.

    New WWA page and FAQs 04/07/2008

    A new page and FAQs dedicated to the Willingness to Work Again feature have been released

    New profile format for translation companies 03/19/2008

    A new profile and related profile updater have been created for translation agencies and companies. This will apply to all profiles that have their account type set to "Translation agency/company".

    Update on WWA 02/12/2008

    6th ProZ.com Translation Contest 02/12/2008

    6th ProZ.com Translation Contest: submission phase is on!

    Complete your profile and win an iPod! 02/05/2008

    Having a complete profile is one way to help ensure that you get the most out of your ProZ.com experience. And if you start now, you can win some free prizes too.

    Improved interface for default rates 02/05/2008

    As part of a wide program of profile improvement, section 6, "Default rates", of the profile updater has been completely redesigned to provide a more clear and user-friendly interface.

    Fifth ProZ.com Translation Contest 11/06/2007

    The submission phase for the English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian source texts is now open.

    Localization releases in Hindi, Armenian, Macedonian, Japanese, Tagalog, Bengali, Arabic, and more 10/01/2007

    ProZ.com has been fully released in Hindi, Macedonian and Armenian. In addition, eleven more languages have been added to the partial release section. Please click on the following link for more details: http://www.proz.com/topic/85361

    Contest winners announced 09/15/2007

    Contest winners have been announced.

    4th Contest: Vote now (qualifying round) 09/07/2007

    The fourth translation contest is in the qualification stage. You are invited to vote now in your top pair(s).

    ProZ.com in Hindi, Armenian, Macedonian, Slovenian, Bulgarian 08/24/2007

    ProZ.com has been partially localized into 5 more languages. Please click on the following link for more details: http://www.proz.com/topic/82096

    Celebrating Translator's Day 07/27/2007

    Propose a powwow in your area to celebrate our profession!

    Fifth ProZ.com Translation Contest 07/25/2007

    As of now the submission phase for the English, Spanish, Italian, French and Romanian source texts is now open.

    ProZ.com in Catalan, Vietnamese, Czech, Tamil, and Afrikaans 07/13/2007

    ProZ.com is now available in Catalan, Vietnamese, Czech, Tamil, and Afrikaans. For more information please visit the following link: http://www.proz.com/topic/78431

    Looking forward to the Fourth ProZ.com Translation Contest 06/18/2007

    As of now the submission phase for the English source text is open

    Half-year report to members 06/14/2007

    Report to members on accomplishments in 2007, year to date.

    ProZ.com in Georgian 06/04/2007

    ProZ.com is now available in Georgian. For more information, please visit the following topic: http://www.proz.com/topic/74586

    Updating Availability and adding Productivity to Profile 05/11/2007

    The functionality of the Availability settings has been improved and extended to add flexibility and optional Productivity metrics.

    ProZ.com in Greek and Serbian 04/27/2007

    ProZ.com is now available in Greek and Serbian. For more information, please visit the following topic: http://www.proz.com/topic/71636

    Voting phase in translation contest 04/17/2007

    The contest is now in the VOTING phase, where members having the corresponding language pair among their "working" or "interest" pairs will be able to vote for their favorite entries and post comments.

    Qualification phase in translation contest 04/12/2007

    The contest is now in the QUALIFICATION phase. At this stage site members having the corresponding language pair among their "working" or "interest" pairs will be able to express their peer-grading (whether they like the entry or not) of as many entries as they want.

    ProZ.com in Polish 03/30/2007

    Proz.com is now available in Polish. For more information, please visit the following topic http://www.proz.com/topic/69564

    ProZ.com in Lithuanian and Turkish 03/29/2007

    ProZ.com is now available in Lithuanian and Turkish. For more information, please check the following topic: http://www.proz.com/topic/69470

    Introducing ProZ.com Student Membership 03/26/2007

    Are you studying to become a translator or interpreter? Join ProZ.com as a student member and get a headstart on a great career!

    The ProZ.com Training program 03/13/2007

    A program that will feature paid seminars to provide training for translators, interpreters and others within the language industries.

    New forum on Speech Recognition 03/08/2007

    A new technical forum dedicated to Speech Recognition

    Discuss the contest 03/05/2007

    A place to discuss ProZ.com's first translation contest.

    ProZ.com in Italian 02/23/2007

    ProZ.com is now available in Italian. For more information, please check the following topic: http://www.proz.com/topic/66798

    ProZ.com in Dutch 02/22/2007

    ProZ.com is now available in Dutch. For more information, please check the following topic: http://www.proz.com/topic/66682

    New! Corporate membership. 02/15/2007

    Annoucing ProZ.com corporate membership.

    ProZ.com 2006 Accomplishments 11/02/2006

    A recap of our progress as a workplace and community in 2006, to date.

    WWA update posted 10/31/2006

    An update on the progress of the "WWA" feature for optionally collecting, and optionally displaying, entries from previous clients concerning their "willingness to work again" with you.

    PR: Project Connect at Localization World 10/28/2006

    ProZ.com for Employers (aka Project Connect) was displayed at the Localization World conference in Montreal last week. This press release was circulated to announce the public debut of "your better way to source language professionals".

    'Let's improve': the compilation 10/13/2006

    Compilation of the suggestions received at http://www.proz.com/topic/55502 and overview of ProZ.com's action plans

    PR: Mike Kidd joins ProZ.com 10/10/2006

    As many of you know, Michael C. Kidd, formerly of SDL TRADOS, joined ProZ.com's staff in June and has been leading efforts to market member services directly to top language companies and end clients. Here is the press release announcing his role to the rest of the industry.

    ProZ.com in Albanian 09/13/2006

    A team of volunteers has localized ProZ.com into Albanian. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/55178

    Marketing member services: Design focus group 09/12/2006

    Marketing member services: we invite interested members with a penchant for design to participate in a focus group to provide feedback to the look-and-feel of the new interface.

    PR: ProZ.com enters Alexa 5000 08/29/2006

    ProZ.com, the world’s leading enabling and sourcing platform for language professionals, today announced that Alexa Internet, an Amazon.com company which gathers web information and statistics, has ranked ProZ.com in the top 5,000 most visited online destinations in the world. Propelled by ProZ.com’s growing community of translators, language service providers, employers and clients, the website has emerged as by far the largest and most visited networking forum in the language, localization and globalization industry.

    ProZ.com in Latvian 08/24/2006

    A team of volunteers has localized ProZ.com into Latvian. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/53926

    ProZ.com in Portuguese (Br) 07/20/2006

    A team of volunteers has localized ProZ.com into Brazilian Portuguese. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/51718

    Early bird for Edinburgh 07/18/2006

    Early bird registration available for the ProZ.com Regional Conference to be held in Edinburgh, UK on Fri 10 - Sat 11 Nov 2006 For more invormation visit http://www.proz.com/conference/8

    ProZ.com in Hungarian 07/13/2006

    A team of volunteers has localized ProZ.com into Hungarian. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/51276

    WWA (beta) - revised! 07/10/2006

    A revised version of the WWA feature, customized based on member feedback and stripped down to the marketing function.

    Members using SiteCreator 06/27/2006

    ProZ.com members using SiteCreator

    Improvements in jobs and BB 06/22/2006

    As part of the June release we have added several improvements to the Jobs and Blue Board areas of the site, for more details see http://www.proz.com/topic/49944

    New rates calculator 06/07/2006

    As part of the June release you are kindly invited to visit http://www.proz.com/ratecalculator (or /Jobs/Rate Calculator) - a new tool for calculating rates

    Site rules integrated 05/30/2006

    We have assembled all current rules, found out missing or outdated ones, integrated them all in a coherent body and produced a user-friendly display. Please see our announcement at http://www.proz.com/topic/48569 and the rules at http://www.proz.com/siterules

    Improved forums 05/18/2006

    Several improvement were made to our forums. For more details check http://www.proz.com/post/348535#348535

    Hosting made easy 05/18/2006

    Now it is even easier for our members to use their free hosting. For more details check http://www.proz.com/post/348227#348227

    Directory improved 05/18/2006

    The site directory has been improved as part of the May release. For more details check http://www.proz.com/post/348189#348189

    KudoZ: FVA + queuing 05/18/2006

    The KudoZ system has been improved as part of the May release. For more details check http://www.proz.com/post/348173#348173

    ProZ.com in Russian 04/27/2006

    A team of volunteers has localized ProZ.com into Russian. More languages in the pipeline. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/46033

    Berlin 2006 approaching! 04/25/2006

    A regional ProZ.com conference, to be held in Berlin from May 27-28, 2006.

    Buenos Aires 2006 04/25/2006

    ProZ.com's fourth international conference, to be held in Buenos Aires from August 25-27, 2006.

    Announcing Wikiwords! 04/20/2006

    A project to create a comprehensive dictionary of all terms in all languages.

    New profile format 04/20/2006

    A new profile format--which has been in beta testing for one month--will be available for use. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/45409

    ProZ.com localized 04/20/2006

    A team of volunteers has localized ProZ.com into German, Romanian and Spanish. More languages in the pipeline. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/45405

    KudoZ improved 04/20/2006

    The KudoZ system has been improved as part of the April release. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/45397

    Directory improved 04/20/2006

    The site directory has been improved as part of the April release. For more details check http://www.proz.com/topic/45393

    New profiles (beta II) 04/03/2006

    A new profile format is now available for testing and feedback by members. In addition to improvements in readability and ease-of-use, the new format features the following enhancements: * More complete information, greater flexibility * Readability and navigational improvements * Improved promotional aspects (Note that the current profile format will remain accessible, regardless of the implementation of this new format.)

    Spring update released 03/23/2006

    Working mostly behind the scenes, your ProZ.com team has just completed a spring update. Accomplishments include: - Unicode support site-wide - The "ProZ.com Exchange" - Access policy shift - Sorting of language pairs - Consolidated rules plus articles on getting the most out of ProZ.com - New hardware for speed, increased traffic For details, see: http://www.proz.com/topic/44158

    New profile format (beta) 03/23/2006

    A new profile format is now available for testing and feedback by members. In addition to improvements in readability and ease-of-use, the new format features the following enhancements: * More complete information, greater flexibility * Readability and navigational improvements * Improved promotional aspects (Note that the current profile format will remain accessible, regardless of the implementation of this new format.)

    Directory Text Ads 02/15/2006

    Directory text ads have been released for the new Freelancers directory. ProZ.com Directory Text Ads provide a way for ProZ.com members (platinums), to stand out in this directory.

    The ProZ.com Exchange 02/13/2006

    The ProZ.com Exchange has been redesigned from the ground up and re-released. Members are already actively using it to suggest exchanges (paid or non) of training, language lessons, translation memories, lodging and more.

    Getting the most out of ProZ.com 02/09/2006

    Two new articles describe how you can get the most out of ProZ.com. One is a guide for translators and interpreters, and the other is a guide for outsourcers and translation companies.

    New site map available 02/09/2006

    A new site map has been added to serve as a clear navigation guide to the main features at ProZ.com.

    Project History (sm) - with client feedback - released 12/09/2005

    A new set of functions allows ProZ.com members to keep an organized history of projects they have completed, by language, field, volume, client, collaborators, keywords and other characteristics. The option to make general details of select projects visible in your profile page, with optional client feedback (positive / negative / neutral), provides a powerful new way to differentiate yourself and attract new clients.

    ProZ.com 2005 Accomplishments 11/25/2005

    A recap of our progress as a workplace and community in 2005, to date.

    Platinum membership campaign. Join now for 2006! 11/25/2005

    During this campaign ProZ.com is providing additional incentives to go platinum:

    - Membership until 2007
    - Pay no transaction fees
    - Chance to win a trip to the next ProZ.com conference

    Go platinum! Click here to learn more

    ProZ.com Interpreter World Map 09/16/2005

    The ProZ.com Interpreter World Map has been publicly released. This function allows users to search for interpreters by location, simply specifying a language pair, and country (and optionally a discipline). Interpreters are organized by small balloons on a streaming map generated by Google Maps.

    Try it today!

    Comprehensive Kudoz Update 08/19/2005

    KudoZ has recently undergone a substantial update. To learn more about these changes and to share your feedback, please visit this forum topic.

    New KudoZ Toolbars 08/19/2005

    ProZ.com is happy to announce the release of a KudoZ search toolbar for the Internet Explorer and Firefox web browsers.

    Web term search (beta) 08/10/2005

    The "Web Term Search" is a one-stop location for simultaneously searching not only ProZ.com, but also various terminology resources on the web.

    ProZ.com Term Search 08/10/2005

    The ProZ.com Term Search is a one-stop function for searching the KudoZ glossaries, the KudoZ archives (i.e. questions and answers not entered into the glossary), and member personal glossaries.

    Platinum Member World Map (beta) 08/09/2005

    Platinum members are invited to beta-test the new platinum member world map, which places platinum members (who have opted in) at their geographical locations. Virtually visit your platinum friends. Find out who lives in your area. (For now, the map will show only the most recent 100 members.)

    ProZ.com Polls 07/01/2005

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